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Enrichment / Gifted Supply List 2019-2020
Posted On:
Tuesday, June 04, 2019
owl flapping wings
owl flapping wings


Gifted Supply List



All Returning Students


1 pack of markers

1 bottle of Elmer's glue

1 roll of Scotch tape

1 container of Clorox Wipes

1 small pack of 17-guage 1-inch nails (with heads)

1 sheet of medium grit sandpaper



1 pack of staples

2 sticks of Elmer’s glue

1 roll of masking tape

1 pack of embroidery floss (multi-colored)

1 pack of embroidery needles


NEW 3rd Grade Students


1 white Clear View 3-ring binder (1/2 inch)

1 pack of subject dividers

1 pack of subject dividers

2 [8x10] white canvas boards with “wooden” sides (Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels…) Please open and write name on back of each one.

1 “Spiral” sketch pad 50 sheets or more (5x8 inch)

1 box Kleenex

Personal earbuds with small storage bag (labeled with your name)


*** I am asking parents to consider making a $20 Gifet classroom donation. This money will go towards buying ink cartridges for our computers, paint supplies and other classroom needs.

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