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Miriam Milks Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
History, Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science


*Graduate of Chilton County High School

*Graduate of the University of Montevallo with a BS in Elementary Education


*19 years at Clanton Intermediate School (5th grade history, math, science, reading, and language arts)

*6 years at Adair Jr. High School, Clanton (5th, 6th, 7th grade English and math)






My name is Miriam Littleton Milks and I teach fifth grade here at Clanton Intermediate. I have been teaching 25 years. I began teaching at the old Adair and then moved to the new school Clanton Intermediate, when it was built. I graduated from Chilton County High School and then from the University of Montevallo with a BS in Elementary Education.

I have lived in Clanton for most of my life. I am married to Joe Milks. I have a 36 year old son whose name is Joshua Evans. He graduated from Chilton County High School in 2002 and works for AT&T.  He is married and has two precious children. My granddaughter Kensley is 7 years old and in kindergarten at Clanton Elementary School. My grandson, Oliver "Ollie" is 3 years old.  Josh has a dog, my granddog, Wyatt. Not only do I have one child of my own, I also have four step children. Joey is a senior at CCHS and Chris is a junior also at CCHS.  Emily is 22 years old and Sarah is in 8th grade. They both live in Wimberley, TX. We have one pet, a cat,  whose name is Chloe.



               Me, Wyatt and Chloe.



My grandmother, Irma Littleton, was an elementary teacher at Jemison and my mother, Myrtle M. Littleton, was a teacher at Adair Jr. High School here in Clanton. When I was little all I dreamed about was being a gymnast in the olympics. As I got older I realized that I loved teaching and that is what I really wanted to do.

I love my students and enjoy watching them learn. I want nothing more than to teach them all they need to know as far as academics but I also want them to know that I love each one of them. I still love teaching and look forward to each new year.

I almost forgot one very important fact........Warrrrr Eagle!!!